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UN Climate Change Summit 2019: New COP Madrid events and publications at a glance

At the UN Climate Change Conference 2019 in Madrid, parties will negotiate on the design of carbon markets related to Article 6 of the Paris Climate Agreement. INFRAS examined design options in several projects. Here are the newest pub­li­ca­tions and Madrid events at a glance:

The UN Climate Change Conference takes place at the IFEMA Palace of Congresses in Madrid in December 2019 (Photo: Keystone SDA)
The UN Climate Change Conference takes place at the IFEMA Palace of Congresses in Madrid in December 2019 (Photo: Keystone SDA)

The Paris Climate Agreement enables the signatory states to cooperate in mitigating cli­mate change. Article 6 forms the basis for this cooperation: In order to reach their cli­mate tar­gets (or Nationally Determined Contributions, NDC), nations can cooperate and use carbon markets. In this sense, for example, a host country can “sell” its reductions in emis­sions in the form of certificates to an acquiring country.

The signatory states discussed the design of Article 6 at the 2018 UN Climate Change Con­ference. However, the negotiations in Katowice, Poland did not result in the desired “rulebook”. The detailed rules for implementing Article 6 is again on the agenda of the UN Climate Conference in Madrid (COP25) at the beginning of December 2019. INFRAS ex­amined and discussed various options for designing the article in advance of these ne­go­tiations, in the form of a group of projects with international teams of experts. You will find the newest publications at a glance below:

  1. Blending climate finance and carbon market mechanisms - Options for the at­tri­bu­tion of mitigation outcomes, Discussion paper on behalf of the World Bank, March 2019 (report, further Information).
  2. Benchmarks to determine baselines for mitigation action under the Article 6.4 mech­a­nism: Discussion paper on behalf of the Umweltbundesamt [German office for the en­vi­ron­ment] (UBA), April 2019 (report, further information).
  3. Options for fostering increasing ambition levels under the Paris Article 6.4 Mech­a­nism: Dis­cussion paper on behalf of the Umweltbundesamts [German office for the en­vi­ronment] (UBA), April 2019 (report, further information).
  4. Article 6 in the Paris Agreement as an ambition mechanism - Options and rec­om­men­dations: Report on behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency, June 2019
    (report, further information).
  5. Two reports in the journal Carbon Mechanisms Review
    (Link to issue 03/2019):
  • Trading up: Ensuring that Article 6 promotes ambition in the Paris Agreement
  • Giving Credit where Credit is due: How to attribute mitigation outcomes from blend­ed climate finance and carbon financing


INFRAS at the UN Climate Change Conference 2019 in Madrid

Our managing partner Jürg Füssler will participate at the UN Climate Change Con­fer­ence COP25 and will speak as an expert at several side events.

  • Tuesday, December 3, 2019, 2.30 – 4.00 p.m.: "Ensuring credibility of Article 6 as a means to promote ambition in climate change mitigation" Event jointly with Wup­per­tal Institute, SEI, MIT, Perspectives and University of Zurich at the EU Pavilion
  • Wednesday, December 4, 2019, 10.30 – 12.00 a.m.: Principles and case studies for dis­rup­tive technologies and 1.5° compliant system transformation
    (further information)
  • Wednesday, December 4, 2019, 1.30 – 3.30 p.m.: Connecting the dots – Join the interactive sprints on Digitalization & Blockchain, Climate Action and Education
    (further information)

The climate conference takes place in Madrid from December 2-13 2019.



Jürg Füssler Managing Partner