For an open-minded, cosmopolitan Switzerland it is a central task to provide solidarity and support to southern and eastern countries in regard to achieving a sustainable development. Global resources policy, development and transition require a constructive approach to deal with the contradicting reality of a globalising world. Our core competencies include the dialogue between diverse cultures and institutions as well as the partnership-based development and implementation of projects in developing and transition countries. We have set ourselves the target to bridge between the cultures of a globalised world.

Our expertise in Development

Global Resources

We develop strategies and projects e.g. regarding the fields global resources, energy or protection of the ozone layer. We do so in collaboration with international partners.

Climate Change

We teach and enable government representatives and experts in developing countries to quantify their greenhouse gas emissions. We support them in designing and implementing policies and measures of climate protection with regard to their emission reduction target determined under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Moreover, we coach them in how to benefit from the instrument of international carbon emission trading.

Development Policy

We support the transfer of knowledge valuable for public and private cooperation. We offer various services such as project planning, backstopping as well as implementation and evaluation of projects. Furthermore, we provide information platforms for international cooperation.