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    Casting a Critical Eye over the Additionality of Projects to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Abroad


    Switzerland's Greenhouse Gas Emissions from 1990 to 2015


    What to Expect from Cargo Sous Terrain (CST)?


    Transport Outlook 2040

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About us

INFRAS has been doing research and consulting focused on sustainable development since 1976. We aim for sustainable solutions for society, economy and ecology.

We are an independent company with offices situated in Zurich and Berne, Switzerland. INFRAS is fully owned by the management and the senior staff. 

About us

With our team of 50 competent staff members we are doing research and consulting for you on national and international level in the following fields of expertise:

  • Economy and Society
  • Transport and Space
  • Environment, Climate Change and Energy
  • International Cooperation
Our topics

For public and private customers we sypply following services:

  • Goals and Strategies
  • Cost and Benefits
  • Evaluations and Impact Analyses
  • Data and models
  • Instruments and Measures
  • Marketing and Pricing

We manage and moderate projects and programs.

Our services