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Zur Ergänzung unseres interdisziplinären Teams suchen wir per 1. Januar 2021 oder nach Vereinbarung

Fachperson Kommunikation

, | Aug. 20, 2020


Zur Ergänzung unseres interdisziplinären Teams suchen wir per 1. Januar 2021 oder nach Vereinbarung für unseren Standort Zürich eine Fachperson Kommunikation (40-60%)

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Paris Agreement Article 6

Practical strategies to avoid overselling

, , | June 26, 2020


Under the Paris Agreement, states can cooperate to mitigate climate change and pur­chase or sell emission reductions internationally. A fundamental difference to the pre­vi­ous Kyoto Protocol mechanisms is that all countries have now mitigation pledges. Thus, if transferring countries sell too many emission reductions, they risk missing their own mitigation targets. A new study commissioned by the Swedish Energy Agency shows strate­gies that could be used to prevent such "overselling".

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How global climate change affects trade relationships

, , , | May 12, 2020


In addition to the national effects of climate change, the international impacts of climate change are in particular an increasing risk factor for the German economy. A research project commissioned by the German Federal Environment Agency that lasted several years analyzed which impact chains affected international trade. The study makes clear: both governmental and private stakeholders will be increasingly challenged.

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Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research

Energy research now better connected thanks to the SCCERs

, | Nov. 22, 2019


Following their set-up phase from 2013 to 2016, the eight networked inter-university cen­tres of research excellence – the Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research (SCCERs) – are to be consolidated and strengthened up to the end of 2020. A look at the interim findings.

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Paris Agreement

Attributing mitigation outcomes between climate finance and international carbon markets

, , | Nov. 6, 2019


The Paris Agreement requires developing countries, like other nations, to take wide-ranging action to mitigate climate change. In order to finance large scale mitigation action, development banks blend climate finance with resources from international carbon markets. A team of experts is developing and analysing a range of solutions on behalf of the World Bank.

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