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Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams in Zürich suchen wir eine/n

VerkehrsplanerIn, VerkehrsingenieurIn

, | March 3, 2021


Für unser Team in Zürich suchen wir per Frühling/Sommer 2021 auf Stufe wissenschaftliche/r MitarbeiterIn eine/n VerkehrsplanerIn, VerkehrsingenieurIn (80-100%)

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Climate protection

Negative emission technologies and emission certificates: Options for the city and canton of Zurich

, , | Nov. 5, 2020


In the future, both negative emission technologies and trade with international emission certificates are options for municipalities and cantons to reach their climate change mitigation targets. What is their potential, and how suitable are they for the city and for the canton of Zurich on the path to net zero emissions?

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How global climate change affects trade relationships

, , , | May 12, 2020


In addition to the national effects of climate change, the international impacts of climate change are in particular an increasing risk factor for the German economy. A research project commissioned by the German Federal Environment Agency that lasted several years analyzed which impact chains affected international trade. The study makes clear: both governmental and private stakeholders will be increasingly challenged.

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Paris Agreement

Attributing mitigation outcomes between climate finance and international carbon markets

, , | Nov. 6, 2019


The Paris Agreement requires developing countries, like other nations, to take wide-ranging action to mitigate climate change. In order to finance large scale mitigation action, development banks blend climate finance with resources from international carbon markets. A team of experts is developing and analysing a range of solutions on behalf of the World Bank.

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