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Sustainable financial investments

Luxembourg Sovereign Sustainability Bond: EUR 1.5 billion for social and sustainable projects

, , , | Nov. 4, 2021


Financial markets play an important role on the journey to a low-carbon future. Luxembourg has positioned itself as a pioneer for sustainable investments with the Luxembourg Sovereign Sustainability Bond. On behalf of the Luxembourg government, INFRAS developed together with 4Climate and other partners the first impact report that measured both the CO2 emissions that were saved as well as additional environmental benefits.

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Sustainable Development: Do We Make Any Progress?

, | Dec. 19, 2016


Extreme poverty and hunger shall be eradicated by 2030. These are two of the in total 17 goals, which have been set by almost 200 UN Member States in the light of the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development". The Statistical Office of the European Union has determined a set of indicators for each one of the goals in order to monitor and measure the ongoing progress. Furthermore, a regular overview of the results shall henceforth be published.

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The Benefit of Immigration for Swiss Cities

, , | Nov. 23, 2015

Regarding the housing market, transport or the environmental impact, immigration involves many challenges. However, for Swiss cities in particular, advantages are clearly predominant. On the one hand, immigration has a positive influence on the labour market, research and the economic power. On the other hand, immigration increases social diversity, enriches the culture and stimulates social innovations.

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School-supplementary childcare from the point of view of parents and children

, | Nov. 16, 2015

© KEYSTONE/Gaetan Bally

On behalf of the Federal Coordinating Committee for Family Affairs CCFA, INFRAS Consulting and Research, in collaboration with the University of Neuchâtel's Institute of Economic Research (IRENE) and the Tiresia Institute in Ticino, carried out a qualitative study regarding school-supplementary childcare. Interviews with parents and children from all over Switzerland form the core of the study.

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Sustainable development in the Swiss hotel industry

, | May 26, 2014

The sustainable development in the Swiss hotel industry shows a diverse picture. While the fields of economy and society have suffered under the economic development of the last years, the efforts towards a better environmental protection have headed in a positive direction.This is the conclusion of the first monitoring of the Swiss hotel industry. The monitoring presents a comprehensive overview regarding the sustainability within the Swiss hotel industry and how it has developed during the last years.The study pays special attention to the subjects of mobility and procurement, considering these as two key aspects of a sustainable development in the Swiss hotel industry. The study provides tips for a sustainable shaping of hotel operations and also presents practice examples of how different hotels are active regarding mobility and sustainable procurement.

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