Competitiveness is necessary for a sustainable development. Processes of globalisation and liberalisation offer chances for employees, companies and sectors in Switzerland. But they also involve risks. We look at the issue on how to shape a sustainable economy that is socially and environmentally compatible. To do this, we develop innovative and economically profound solutions.

Our expertise in Economy

Economic Policy

We establish economic policy concepts and strategies for various policy areas such as financial policy, competition policy, regional policy and technology policy.

Economy and the Environment

We establish foundations and strategies for a resource-efficient, future-oriented and competitive economy based on the view that economy and environment do not have to contradict each other. These recommendations are directed at the producing economy, the consumers and the regulator.

Telecomunications and Media

We analyse markets and technologies as well as profitabilities and strategies for telecommunications providers and regulatory authorities. We search for the characteristics of the digital change and its consequences for the economy and society.

Sustainable Finance

We establish foundations for sustainable investments and, together with Inrate, have developed an independent approach for an ecological and social rating of companies and institutions. The INFRAS knowledge pool is responsible for the issue management and the further development of the Inrate rating method.