Energy is what keeps our way of life and our economy running. Since the use of conventional energies is limited, the search for intelligent and sustainable solutions has been intensified. Be it energy efficient technologies and behaviours or renewable energies. We are committed to a considerate use of the resources available and contribute suitable ideas and concepts. To elaborate effective, efficient and feasible strategies and measures is part of our core activities in the energy field. We are active in Switzerland, Europe and in developing countries.

Our expertise in Energy

Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency

A sustainable energy supply is based on renewable energies and energy efficiency. With this in mind, we elaborate potential and economic analyses as well as implementation-oriented strategies and measures.

Market Regulation and Energy Policy

A target-oriented market regulation is essential for a good functioning of the energy markets and the energy supply. We establish foundations for an ideal market design and its implementation with effective and efficient energy policy instruments.

Energy Supply and Energy Networks

For a sustainable electricity and gas supply an efficient interaction between supply, demand, transport and distribution is crucial. To that effect, we establish innovative foundations and concepts.

Energy and Companies

We accompany and consult private companies to establish strategies and measures in the energy field. In regard to the opening of the energy markets, we support the market players in realigning their strategies and products.