Environment and Climate

The endangered biodiversity, the environmental pollution and the climate change show that ecologically we have been living beyond our means. Together with partners active in business, the administration and politics, we are working towards overcoming these challenges. We develop measures and strategies in order to protect the climate, the air, the waters and the soil. And in order to make economic and social systems more adaptive. Businesses, public organisations and administrations on local, national and international levels count on our know-how.

Our expertise in Environment and Climate

Climate Protection

We establish packages of measures and policies for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the sectors energy (electricity, building, transportation), industrial production, agriculture and waste. We support countries, cantons and municipalities in analysing and reporting greenhouse gas emissions. We audit CO2 target agreements of businesses. We consult the Swiss Federal Administration regarding the development of the national emissions trading schemes and compensation projects. On an international level, we work for The World Bank or the UNFCC secretariat and we support governments and organisations in planning and establishing climate protection tools.

Adaptation to Climate Change

We shape political adaptation processes to the climate change in Switzerland, Europe and in developing countries on behalf of various governments. We establish economic evaluations and create practical action plans for national and international public authorities. For this purpose, we also collaborate with a network of experts, research representatives and decision makers in Switzerland and abroad.

Air Quality

We set up emission and air quality models, create action plans and accompany their implementation. We analyse measurement data and derive emission factors for vehicles, not only for Switzerland but also for European and Asian countries and regions.

Environmental and Resource Management

We consult public and private organisations regarding the development of their environment management systems, the environmental impact assessments and the life cycle assessments. We conduct substance flow analyses and derive reduction strategies from them.