We are faced with challenges. Social security is confronted with financing difficulties and new risks of poverty. The Swiss health care system, even though of high quality, generates costs which for many impose a burden. The public authorities are required to provide services more targeted and with greater efficiency.

Our expertise in Society

Public Health

We support private organisations and public authorities with the analysis, concept and evaluation of structures and measures for an effective and efficient health care system, health promotion and prevention.

Social Security

We evaluate projects and develop concepts for a modern and incentive-oriented social security and welfare policy.

Family and Gender Equality

We establish the bases for a future-oriented family policy and equal opportunities' policy by using, inter alia, demand estimates, policy concepts and financing models for supplementary childcare services in the cantons and municipalities.

Education and Integration

We evaluate and support the implementation of new educational policy concepts as for example the development of day schools or the validation of educational performance on behalf of schools and public administrations. We support the Federal Government, cantons and municipalities in the area of immigrant integration policy.

Sustainable Development

We use concepts and evaluations to create foundations for more sustainable policies and projects in the fields society, economy and environment.