Spatial development

Spatial development is a scarce and coveted resource. People have an increasing demand for additional housing, good provision of goods and services as well as higher mobility. Also, workplaces take up more and more space. New infrastructures are required. At the same time, land is a limited and cannot be multiplied. We help plan a proactive spatial use and find suitable solutions, taking into account the economic, societal and ecological demands.

Our expertise in Spatial development

Spatial and Urban Development

We analyse spatial structures. We develop and evaluate programmes, concepts and plans for cantons, regions and cities.

Spatial development and Transport

We establish and present strategies regarding a coordinated transport and settlement development on behalf of the Federal Government, the cantons and regions. We also assess the success of the respective measures taken (monitoring, controlling).

Location Promotion and Regional Economy

We analyse the economic development of regions and the impacts of political measures. We evaluate programmes and measures established to promote innovation and regional development.


We analyse housing markets and conduct surveys by interviewing residents and pedestrians passing by.