Economic growth and prosperity require high mobility and are closely connected to a rapid transport infrastructure development. New services and infrastructures increase the demands on planning, organisation, financing and marketing. Yet, more and more people suffer from the negative impacts of transport. Despite technological optimisations, the environmental pollution and noise pollution are too high and, furthermore, the use of fossil fuels is a risk for the climate. In a nutshell: Transport cannot cover all its consequential costs. We therefore research on a national and international level in order to find ways and means to make transport more efficient as well as more environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Our expertise in Transport

Transport Economics and Policy

We analyse the national economic costs and benefits of transport. We develop and present policy strategies on behalf of public authorities as well as corporate strategies and business plans on behalf of private transport companies.

Transport Planning

We analyse and assess service concepts for the public rail and road transport and we develop overall transport concepts. We conduct project evaluations and analyse new transport infrastructures in regard to profitability and practicality.

Transport and the Environment

We set up models of transport flows, pollutant emissions and air quality as well as of noise and energy consumption in order to evaluate transport policy measures.

Transport and Space

We establish and present strategies regarding a coordinated transport and settlement development on behalf of the Federal Government, the cantons and regions. We also assess the success of the respective measures taken (monitoring, controlling).


We calculate the macroeconomic effects of airports and develop concepts to reduce the environmental pollution caused by aviation.

Freight Transport

We support the public authorities and the logistics partners to elaborate concepts in order to increase environmental efficiency of transports as well as to shift them from road to rail.

Mobility Behaviour

We establish estimations for the future mobility and transport development. Furthermore, we participate in research projects in Switzerland and abroad in order to firstly get a better understanding of transport behaviour and choice of transport and secondly derive suitable control instruments.

Marketing Consulting

We develop marketing strategies and concepts for transport companies and transport associations. In order to do so, we research the customer behaviour, customer needs and customer satisfaction. In addition, we define and position market services and design a corresponding marketing mix.