Efficiency Revolution in Future Freight Train Systems

March 11, 1998
DNFP41 Swiss National Science Foundation: Efficiency Revolution in Future Freight Train Systems («Factor Four Train») The European rail system is not only systematically and continuously losing competitiveness and market shares, but it is also in the process of losing more and more of its traditional ecological advantages over the road mode. Thus, for the rail system not to become technologically/economically obsolete, a significant boost in ecological and economic efficiency will be required. Measures for efficiency are transport units produced (Tkm) per unit of ecological and economic resource input. The pre-study analyses the predominant mid- and long-term innovation potentials in freight transport within a systems analysis approach, considering all the related problems of interoperability and insufficiently broad market diffusion. Within the main study in progress, we are looking for an evolutionary revolution strategy whereby the present rail systems can be further developed.

Project team

Markus Maibach Associate Partner
Matthias Lebküchner Associate Partner


1997 - 1998


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Schweiz. Nationalfonds



Markus Maibach Associate Partner