Sept. 25, 2012
The EFFINALP study analyses the economic effects of the introduction of a steering instrument for the Crossalpine Freight Transport (Alpine Crossing Exchange, Alpine Emission Trading System, Toll+). The economic effects depend on the intended target of the instrument. The more ambitious the steering target, the stronger its effects. With an ambitious target the average economic burden in road freight transport amounts to max. 1.28%, in the transport intensive sectors not more than 0.13% of the gross value added. More of a key factor than the average burden is its distribution. The steering instruments burden the Alpine regions significantly more than other regions. The imbalance could be alleviated if rail infrastructure would be developed extensively as well as supporting measures undertaken.

Project team

Markus Maibach Associate Partner
Lutz Ickert Associate Partner


2011 - 2012


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Bundesamt für Verkehr



Markus Maibach Associate Partner