Guidance on Survey and Determination on Energy Specific Data in the Canton St. Gallen

April 2, 2014
The guidance document summarizes the procedures required in order to gather and process data needed to prepare the energy statistic of the canton St. Gallen. The energy statistic aims at recording all existing energy related processes including the production, transformation and consumption of energy. Furthermore the annual total amount of energy consumed in the canton of St. Gallen will be revealed. The guidance provides instructions on how data on disaggregated level should be measured or collected. Where data is not available, the guidance further highlights realistic assumptions and methods for estimating the energy consumption for each energy related sector.

Project team

Jürg Füssler Managing Partner
Stefan Kessler Associate Partner


2012 - 2013



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Amt für Umwelt und Energie Baudepartement Kanton St.Gallen


Jürg Füssler Managing Partner