«Off Label» Use of Drugs in Oncology Medicine

June 12, 2013
In Switzerland, so-called «off-label» drugs are frequently used in the field of oncology medicine and this practice will continue to increase. With the study carried out by INFRAS for the Swiss Cancer League, for the first time figures showing the extent of off-label use are provided: There are approximately 7000 to 10000 treatments per year with off-label drugs. Source of criticism is the varying reimbursement by the health insurers. For many stakeholders, the current regulation is unsatisfactory. For some cancer patients, it may even be unjust, when they do not receive a potentially effective treatment while in other cases treatment is granted as the respective costs are being reimbursed. The study by INFRAS outlines approaches how to reduce off-label use of drugs, how to standardise the benefit assessment and how the reimbursements can be regulated and streamlined throughout Switzerland. The results were presented at a media conference on 7 June 2013 and discussed with the stakeholder groups in a workshop.

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Anna Vettori Associate Partner