Economic Analyses

What are the costs? What are the benefits? How and where do projects and policy measures have an impact, e.g. on infrastructure or healthcare? We conduct well-founded economic and business analyses and help you find answers to questions like these.

Our expertise in Economic Analyses

Costs and Benefits

We offer a wide range of analyses and assessments: we analyse and assess infrastructure projects, review the costs and benefits of health policy measures, and produce business plans for companies and institutions.

Economic Analyses and Policies

One good example (of many) is energy-focused building refurbishment: as well as offering potential in terms of climate policy, this also affects the labour market and thus the economy. We offer a broader perspective thanks to our centre of excellence for economic analysis. We analyse the economic impact of measures and instruments beyond the actual market or sector – drawing on our expertise from all subject areas as we do so.

External Cost Assessments

External costs are a relevant factor to anyone with an eye on sustainability. Not all economic costs are directly reflected in an item’s price and borne by the people using it. The general public also pays, depending on the situation. We provide you with the entire calculation – including external costs.

The Tools We Use 

We use a variety of scientific methods depending on the task at hand. We offer:  

  • Cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses 
  • Investment and profitability calculations 
  • Risk analyses 
  • Business plans 
  • Sustainability assessments 
  • Input-output models 
  • Partial systems analyses 
  • Scenario analyses 
  • Factor decomposition