Evaluations and Impact Analyses

Moving forward often means looking back: did we implement the right measures? Were we efficient? What can we improve in the future? We adopt a neutral perspective to help you draw the right conclusions – from accompanying evaluations to accountability reporting and in-depth impact analyses.

Our expertise in Evaluations and Impact Analyses

Evaluations and Impact Analyses of Programmes and Measures

We use impact models and indicators to review how programmes, strategies and measures have been implemented, whether they have achieved their goals and desired impact, and how they could be optimised. This includes organising representative surveys, interviews, focus group discussions and participatory workshops of various sizes, as well as evaluating data and documents.

Evaluations and Monitoring Concepts

Reviewing objectives and impact on an ongoing, sustainable basis is its own challenge. How can you reliably fill information gaps using existing resources? We conduct feasibility studies for you and produce concepts for evaluation and monitoring.

Impact Assessments

A regulatory impact assessment or economic assessment prospectively shows what impact planned policy projects will have, how they compare to alternatives and if government action is required.

The Tools We Use 

Every topic needs its own evaluation – which calls for a wide range of tools. We offer:  

  • Impact models 
  • Formative and summative evaluations 
  • Regulatory impact assessments 
  • Economic assessments 
  • Qualitative interviews, focus group discussions and stakeholder processes 
  • Consultations, quantitative surveys and statistical analyses 
  • Quality measurement tool for daily structures