A strategy offers orientation. If you have a good strategy, you will be able to tackle challenges more successfully. A strategy ensures that the measures you implement are action-oriented and fit your goals. We help you develop and implement suitable strategies – from scenarios through to comprehensive strategy reports.

Our expertise in Strategies

Policy Strategies and Programmes

We develop strategies and programmes for policy and administration that are economically, socially and environmentally viable and implementable. Whether a climate, spatial, education or transport strategy, we incorporate our expertise on a wide range of topics and organisations.

Strategies and Concepts for Infrastructures and Services

Whether bus timetables, tram line management or integrated transport concepts: our work includes creating network strategies for public transport, developing urban programmes for settlement and transport, and overall traffic concepts.

Strategies for Companies and Administrations

Decarbonisation of companies. Or an energy revolution for utility companies. Whatever your goals, we help you develop the right strategies to achieve them.