Bettina Schäppi

Dr. sc. ETHZ

Associate Partner

Bettina Schäppi works for INFRAS in the subject field environment, climate and energy. She primarily focuses on climate adaptation and mitigation as well as on reporting and modelling regarding greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants.

She studied Environmental Sciences at the ETH Zurich (CH), specialising in Environmental Chemistry and Aquatic Systems. In her thesis, she was concerned with terrain and runoff modelling of a renaturalised river course. She did internships in the laboratory of Zurich Waterworks (CH) and at the engineering office Friedlipartner AG. After her studies, she did natural hazard mapping at the engineering office Frey + Gnehm Olten AG (CH). Subsequently, she did her PhD thesis on the altitude dependency of precipitation at the Institute of Environmental Engineering at the ETH Zurich.