Benedikt Notter

PhD, Geographer

Associate Partner

Benedikt Notter works in the area transport/environment, where he primarily focuses on emission models, spatial analyses and statistical evaluations.

He finished his studies in Geography, Geology and General Ecology at the University of Berne (CH) with a Master's thesis on the impacts of changes in land use and climate change on water resources in the Mount Kenya region. In Nanyuki (KE), he developed databases and conducted spatial analyses for a project of the University of Berne. At the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, he determined inter alia the need of renaturation of Swiss watercourses. In his Doctoral thesis, he quantified the environmental performance with regard to water, using GIS and hydrological models. Lastly, he worked as a GIS coordinator at the Office for the Environment of the Canton of Solothurn (CH).