Evaluation of SDC's Junior Professional Officers (JPO) Programme 2003-2008

Feb. 10, 2010
The Junior Professional Officers programme (JPO) of the SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation) plays a key part in the SDC training programme for junior staff in international cooperation. This evaluation assessed the JPO programme against the backdrop of international cooperation faced with new global challenges, cooperation models and focal points and formulated the ten most important fields of action and recommendations for future optimisation. INFRAS proposed to clarify the demand for juniors and staff before continuing with the JPO programme, to develop a coherent strategy for promoting young professionals and to look at other, less cost-intensive support options. Besides this proposal, more tangible organisational and structural proposals for the optimisation of the JPO programme were made. The evaluation also took stock of the different SDC activities for promoting juniors and compared them with similar programmes in Switzerland and abroad. This comparison revealed that the SDC JPO programme is quite manifold, but that a certain lack of coherence between the different promotional activities as well as of clearly defined responsibilities within SDC is recognisable.The recommendations of the evaluation were discussed during a workshop in March 2009 with approximately 15 SDC and NGO representatives.

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