Evaluation of the migration and health strategy 2002-2006

Oct. 31, 2006

The Migration and Public Health Strategy 2002-2006" is a collaborative venture led by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) in partnership with the Federal Office of Migration (FOM) and the Federal Commission for Foreigners (FCF). Its main aim is to improve the health of Switzerland's migrant population and as such, provides for five areas of intervention. The evaluation focussed on the programme's and related projects' design, as well as their implementation and effects. It concluded that the Strategy succeeded in enhancing the visibility of issues linked to migration and public health, and provided tangible services, which, on the whole reached their target group and had some discernible effects on the overall migrant population. However, some weaknesses were also identified regarding the overall design and the way it was put into practice. For any future strategy, the feasibility of planned measures must be carefully reviewed before going ahead since the Confederation's resources and scope of action in this area are limited. The following link will lead you to the website of the Federal Office for Public Health and relevant documentation"

Project team

Stephan Hammer Associate Partner
Judith Trageser Associate Partner


2004 - 2007



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Bundesamt für Gesundheit Centre de Compétences en Evaluation (CCE)


Stephan Hammer Associate Partner