Evaluation with regard to sexual harassment in the work place

Feb. 27, 2006
Since the 1990ies, several major companies introduced topic centres for persons suffering from sexual harassment. Of the investigated organisations, about 75% offer a so called contact person model by using a contact person which is easily approachable. In 60% of the organisations, the job of the contact persons is supported with informative and preventive measures. On average, these topic centres receive less than 1 case per 5000 employees annually. It seems that the estimated number of unreported cases is fairly high. The evaluation was made by INFRAS in cooperation with IDHEAP (Institut de hautes études en administration publique) and investigates the efficiency of the contact-person-model in Switzerland, figures out its success factors and formulates recommendations for the development of said model. Interviews with contact persons, human resource divisions and equal opportunity commissioners as well as case studies in organisations using the contact person model provide the main part of the empirical basis.

Project team

Susanne Stern Managing Partner
Thomas von Stokar Managing Partner


2005 - 2006



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Susanne Stern Managing Partner