Liechtenstein's 6th National Communication

Feb. 4, 2014
INFRAS supported the Office of the Environment in preparing its 6th National Communication under the UNFCCC and under the Kyoto Protocol. The report outlines the state of implementation of Liechtenstein's international commitments with regard to climate change. It describes the development of greenhouse gas emissions up to 2011 and presents expected trends up to 2030. INFRAS calculated the scenarios 2030 based on Liechtenstein's Energy Strategy 2020. Without any reduction measures the emissions were 0.26 mio. tons of CO2 equivalent, including the measures of the Energy Strategy, the emissions in 2020 are projected to reach a level of 0.16 mio. tons.

Project team

Jürg Heldstab Associate Partner
Bettina Schäppi Associate Partner





Who we work for

Amt für Umwelt (AU)



Bettina Schäppi Associate Partner