Participation in Transport Projects

Nov. 5, 2014

Participation means being able to contribute and taking part in shaping and decision-making. Participation is a very common formula in our democratic system and it has also become considerably more important in the realisation of transport projects. As part of the research project SVI 2004/005 of the Swiss Association of Traffic Engineers SVI, INFRAS, together with ecoptima and kcw have developed a manual «Participation in Transport Projects». The manual is based on practical experiences regarding participation in transport projects, taking into account the communal, cantonal and federal level. A glance abroad is also part of the manual and interesting, as the formal participation rights are often organised in a different way. Furthermore, new instruments of participation have been developed with the new information and communication technologies. The manual primarily addresses experts in planning and politics who are responsible for the planning, development and implementation of transport projects.

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