Concept for a multisectoral health policy

Aug. 4, 2005
The concept for a multisectoral health policy illustrates the importance which other policy sectors have on the health and well-being of the population. Focal ocal points are the influence of social, transport, environmental and labour market among others. The concept formulates targets and acknowledges current developments in the different policy sectors on Federal level against the background of health and well-being. Also, with the help of concrete examples INFRAS is testing how political intentions of the Federation can be optimised as early as possible in the political process, e.g. by way of a sustainability evaluation or with a separate Health Impact Assessment.

Project team

Myriam Steinemann Associate Partner
Susanne Stern Managing Partner
Thomas von Stokar Managing Partner


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Bundesamt für Gesundheitswesen Fachstelle Gesundheit und Umwelt



Myriam Steinemann Associate Partner