Green products in Germany

Aug. 7, 2014
Sustainable consumption has become a significant trend in the last years. How is this positive trend reflected in sales of environmentally friendly products? Do we observe spectacular growth rates in niche markets or a 'greening of mass markets'? Do green products replace standard products or not? Those questions are addressed in a study on the market development of green products conducted by INFRAS on behalf of the German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA). The results reveal that sales of 'green' products are on the steady rise, but remain in niches in most areas of consumption. However, there is a willingness from the consumers for an increased demand of environmentally friendly products that were sustainably produced.

Project team

Regina Schwegler Associate Partner
Myriam Steinemann Associate Partner
Rolf Iten Managing Partner


2012 - 2013



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Myriam Steinemann Associate Partner