Freight transport in Germany: Shifting is the key.

June 29, 2016

Through an expansion of the infrastructure for the railway and the combined transport and also through the funding, inter alia, by an extended truck toll scheme and by increased rail track charges: That is how Germany can shift a significant part of the freight transport services from the road onto the railway until 2030. By doing so, the national economy makes a contribution to the international climate protection and could reduce environmental costs within Germany. Furthermore, there is a benefit due to the user financing regarding domestic added value and employment – not least because of the contribution coming from foreign consignors, consignees and transport operators.

Would you like to read more? You can find the study and the press release and the documents of an expert meeting on the homepage of The German Federal Environment Agency (UBA).

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© Foto: Marco2811 /

Funding of a Sustainable Freight Transport Infrastructure

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