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Climate Change & Environment Network

Climate change is also impacting on development cooperation

, , | Feb. 27, 2019


What climate-related risks will developing countries face in the future? What can they do themselves to strengthen their resilience and to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions? As part of a long-standing partnership, INFRAS supports the Climate Change & Environment Network of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) with subject-related expertise and knowledge transfer.

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International Baseline Rules Are a Precondition for Well-Functioning Carbon Markets

, , , | March 20, 2017


Greenhouse gas emission reduction projects of different countries can only be assessed, compared and plausibly certified when applying international valuation standards. This is a precondition for well-functioning crediting mechanisms, by which effective projects are awarded with tradable certificates. This is one of the conclusions reached by INFRAS, in cooperation with other climate experts, in a report commissioned by the Swedish Energy Agency.

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Principles for crediting in New Market Mechanisms

, , | Jan. 30, 2014

Market based approaches are a key element in the international response to climate change. This study aims to contribute to the on-going discussions in various fora, including the Frameworks for Various Approaches (FVA) and New Market Mechanisms (NMM), on how market based mechanisms need to be designed to deliver cost-effective, real, measureable, additional and permanent emission reductions. The study focuses on crediting mechanisms.
Part I of the study discusses blueprints for baseline setting and additionality determination in the absence of any mitigation pledges in the host country, drawing upon key lessons learned from existing crediting mechanisms, in particular the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) . 
Part II lays out the novel aspects that come into play for countries with mitigation pledges. Here, the pledges inform baseline setting and additionality determination in order to maintain consistency and prevent double claiming.

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