Adaptation Strategy for Alpine Region in Switzerland

Oct. 10, 2016

Climate change is also a fact in Switzerland. Alpine regions such as the «Grimsel» area are particularly vulnerable. Increasing intensity of natural disasters are threatening local infrastructure as well as settlement. That's why the cantonal civil engineering office of Berne has initiated the project adaptation strategy for the Grimsel region. The project was supported by the Federal Office for the Environment in the framework of the pilot programme climate change adaptation. INFRAS was accompanying the project with regard to content and methodologies and was moderating the process in order to establish a common adaptation strategy for the region including a respective action plan.


Project team

Madeleine Guyer Senior Project Manager
Myriam Steinemann Associate Partner
Jürg Füssler Managing Partner





Who we work for

Tiefbauamt des Kantons Bern



Myriam Steinemann Associate Partner